Ancestry Tours

First World War Tours Designed Around You and Your Relatives

Do you have a relative that served in the First World War? Have you always wanted to follow in their footsteps and learn more about their experiences?

Great War Tours can take you on that very special journey, visiting the villages they would have camped in during their journey to war.

A One-of-A-Kind Opportunity

Take a completely unique, personal journey

Travel with a dedicated expert

Get deep insight into your ancestor’s life with a thorough report and tour

Complete research and planning

Bring their war back to life with unique activities

Travel in your ancestor’s footsteps

Together, we will follow your relative’s journey from their home to the battlefields of France and Belgium, uncovering what they would have faced over a 100 years ago.

If your relative gave their life, we can visit either their grave or see his name inscribed upon a local memorial so that you may pay your respects.

Utah Beach Normandy statues of soldiers running off boat

First World War Research Work

Alone or included in your ancestry tour

If you have always wanted to know more about a family member who fought in the First World War, I can help you with my research skills and access to original sources.

From just £65.00 I can produce a professional report providing as much detail as possible into the life and military service of your relative. Using a range of sources, I can bring together a fuller picture of their life and experiences in the First World War. Contact me with your relative’s name and any other information you have, and I will start the detective work for you.

This research can be commissioned as part of a tour or on its own.

What the Ancestry Tours Include

Give me your ancestor’s name and anything else you know.

Get a detailed report of their life and service during World War One. More information here.

We will plan a unique, personal tour tracking your ancestor’s life through the Great War.

Follow your relative from their roots to the places where they served,  the camps where they were based and the battlefields where they fought.

Bring your ancestor’s war to life with interactive activities and visit their memorial.

Start your one-of-a-kind journey today

To find out more or make a booking, contact me at 07947 362 747.